The Whole Truth

Apr 28


Truth, Resurrection & Consciousness

by Alexis Martin Neely - Posted in Video |

Invitation to wake up to the Christ consciousness within each of us this Easter Sunday.  I offer love, healing, and forgiveness to all of us as we resurrect our true nature.  Namaste. Check out the video below.

“Wake up to the Christ consciousness in your heart today. You are the love. I am the love. We are the love.”



  • Martin

    Amen to that Alexis.

  • Giselle Achecar

    Alexis, you’re a guiding light. Thank you for your beautiful message. I send you much peace and love. Your message resonates so clearly with me, particularly now. Thank you for your bravery. xxxxx Giselle

  • Alexis,
    A pure and real love….something that Christ lived. And when we move more fully into that within ourselves, we shine our light out to all.

    You shine love here in space, Alexis…