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The New American Dream? Giving It All Up

I’m writing from Cuzco, Peru. It’s my second day here and what I’m awed by the most so far is not the Peruvian culture or even the ancient history.

I’m awed by the number of people I’m meeting here who have given up the “American Dream” to discover their own dreams.

They’ve “given it all up” for something so much greater. Their own freedom.

Like Larissa, the art teacher, who has been resistant to change most of her life, but knew there was something more. So she sold most of her belongings, put the rest in the storage and now she’s here on her way to who knows where.

Pulled in Too Many Directions? What to Do …

The Paradox of Manifestation Via Acceptance

My $100k Investment. Was It Worth It?

freeA few days ago, I shared with you some of the things that have happened in the last year since I sat in my chair at Ali Brown’s OSBW event and made the commitment to invest in her diamond level coaching and mastermind program.

At SHINE and afterwards so many women approached me to ask if it was worth it.  Am I glad I did it?

Since I’ve been teasing you for a few days with the answer, I’ll give you the short answer right away.  Yes, I am grateful to have made a $100k investment in Ali Brown’s diamond program.

Trust that it’s all fine … no, not fine … perfect.

lotusI’m in the midst of a huge leap in my awareness and I want to share it with you because if you can make this leap, you’ll experience so much more happiness.  Me too.

Maybe if I share it with you, it will actually sink in and I can embody it instead of just know it’s true on an intellectual level.

Ok, so here it is.

I need to let go of control and trust more.

That’s all nice and easy to say, but let’s take a look at what that really means in my life and why it’s so hard to do.

The Mommy Business… We Are Leading Work and Family Into a Whole New World

mauiI’ve literally (this morning from the red eye) just arrived back in Los Angeles from a week long, life-changing trip to Maui.

It’s now 11:00p at night (although only 8:00p to my body– which is still on Maui time) and despite running around like a mad woman all day taking care of my dog (who lost use of his back legs while I was gone) and my kids (my daughter had her first solo presentation at school and had no costume ready) and the fact that I’m totally exhausted, I’m compelled to document my awakenings and awarenesses from the trip.

Latochia Phillips Givens: Achieving Prosperity AND Balance in the Legal Industry

courtContinuing our series, this week’s “Have it All Mom” is Latochia Phillips Givens, a solo-law practitioner and mother of two.

Through her solo-practice law firm, Latoicha assists other “digital moms,” entrepreneurs and online business owners in the area of intellectual property–which includes trademarks, copyrights, licensing and new media.

And since the start of her firm in 2004, Latoicha has earned a comfortable $80,000 a year without sacrificing the flexibility and availability necessary for her husband and two small children (which can be a rare concept in the legal world).

Cooking Up Success with Alison Lewis

portraitThis week’s “Have it All Mom” is Alison Lewis, a mother of three and owner of the food consulting company, Ingredients, Inc.

In this business, Alison focuses on recipe development for food magazines, food companies and public relations firms.

She is also a television cook and runs a daily food blog featuring family-friendly and healthy recipes that everyone can enjoy.

Yet while her business brings in a healthy $50,000 a year, it also provides “health and happiness for my immediate friends and family” and “financial freedom and success for my business,” according to Alison.

Edie Mcrae: Creating an Online Empire through Social Media since 2003

edie-pink-sidebar-millionaire-momsContinuing our “Have it All Moms “ series, the next mom I wanted to highlight is Edie Mcrae, the inspirational owner of Millionaire Moms Inc. and former direct sales/ network marketing maven out of Houston, Texas.

For those unfamiliar with Edie’s current business, Millionaire Moms Inc. is actually social media consulting firm dedicated to helping moms grow their businesses online
And who better to teach moms on this topic than Edie, as she learned how to leverage and grow her direct sales business through social media before social media was even cool!

Having It All – Myth or Mis-understanding?

constructionWhen I posted on Twitter about beginning this series profiling mom entrepreneurs having it all and doing it all, I heard from more than one mom who said “I thought having it all was urban myth” or “I’m doing it all, but definitely not having it all” and even one who said “I’m so far from having it all, I actually owe!”

The good news is I also heard from several moms who are having it all and doing it all and I’m super excited to begin sharing them with you starting next week.

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