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Guest Post – Trusting What You Can Not See

Trusting What You Can Not See

by Sheri McConnell
Excerpted from Smart Women Know Their Why

Faith is a big part of living a successful life and being a successful entrepreneur.  My secret is deciding to have faith in myself more than any type of external force.  Notice I said the word “decision” because that is where it starts. My journey has taught me that I always intuitively know which direction to head next and when I look to find answers outside of myself, I always end up off the path a bit. It took me until I was well into my thirties to be able to trust others because of not having established trust in any form whatsoever during my childhood.  For me, I had to have my own family and connect with the love I had for them to be able to trust myself and others.

5 Roadtrip Lessons

My kids and I are driving from our home in Longmont, CO to our recent past hometown of Hermosa Beach, CA.

We’ll be house sitting in HB for the next three weeks and decided to drive instead of fly so we’d have the car.

Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

I was going to take my mom with us, but when it came time to leave on Saturday, we packed everything up and the car just felt too crowded with all of us.

Pulled in Too Many Directions? What to Do …

Can 10 or So Women (Moms) Build a Co-Business On a Radically New Model?

About a year ago, I caught a vision of a business that would get moms talking about money and business.  I frequently have visions like this come through, but this one didn’t just come through, it hung on.  Kept coming back.

I’ve already got a couple of businesses though and knew I couldn’t invest the time and energy necessary to give this one what it would need.

I set the intention to find someone I could build it with and shortly afterward thought I found just the right person in the mastermind group I had begun to participate in.  But, as we began to move forward she discovered a renewed commitment to her own business and handed the project back to me.

The Mommy Business… We Are Leading Work and Family Into a Whole New World

mauiI’ve literally (this morning from the red eye) just arrived back in Los Angeles from a week long, life-changing trip to Maui.

It’s now 11:00p at night (although only 8:00p to my body– which is still on Maui time) and despite running around like a mad woman all day taking care of my dog (who lost use of his back legs while I was gone) and my kids (my daughter had her first solo presentation at school and had no costume ready) and the fact that I’m totally exhausted, I’m compelled to document my awakenings and awarenesses from the trip.

Day 4 – Who Lives With You?

meditateIt’s day 4 of the 40 Days and Nights Program with @davidmorelli and @kristinmorelli of the Everything is Energy radio show and I’m rockin and rollin. 🙂

I’m here in Longmont, Colorado (outside of Boulder) at my girlfriend Martha’s house.

Martha is one of the girlfriends I talked about several weeks ago.  Like Martha, her house is absolutely beautiful and even with 8 kids here somehow it manages to seem hardly messy at all.