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How Christ Consciousness Makes Your Every Day Life Better

Yesterday, I took a big bold step and wrote about Christ Consciousness. Several people unsubscribed.  More people than have ever unsubscribed from a single post I’ve written before.

I’ve been sitting with that and doing the work necessary internally to not let it deter me from continuing to write about what feels so true and important in my heart and soul, even if it is misunderstood by many.

I probably would have unsubscribed too if one of the bloggers I read for guidance about life and business started talking about God and Jesus.

And that’s where the confusion exists.

A Message of Hope for 2012 and Beyond

So much has happened in this past month as we’ve transitioned from 2011 into 2012 that I want to catch you up on, and I will in a future post.

For now though, I want to share with you an overriding message that keeps coming to me as we venture into this year that so many have been prophesying about.

The theories about 2012 range from the world coming to an end, to a new world power going into place that will overtake us all, global weather catastrophes, the second coming of Christ and much more.