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Apr 30


A Commitment to Blog for 30 Days Straight

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Blogathon, Life, REAL Online Business Models |

When I re-launched this blog a couple of months ago, I did so with a commitment to make it a “real” blog, whatever that means.

While my definition of a real blog is evolving, there are two things I think make a blog “real.”

1. Regular posting.
2. Community.

Over the past couple of months, as I’ve been stepping into a renewed vision of my business and all of the upheaval that goes along with that, I’ve felt disconnected from both of those things.

Whether that feeling is true or not is not relevant. I feel it’s true.

I want to post more. I want to experience more community.

I know myself pretty well and I know that I can want something and still not do it without accountability and a commitment to something bigger than myself.

So, when I came across Michelle Rafter’s Blogathon, I thought it’d be just the thing I needed.

A commitment to blog for 30 days straight. No matter what. Made publicly.


So, here I am.  Commitment is made.  I’m on-board.  And I’ll write everyday in May.  No matter what.

I’ll write next week when my new CEO comes to spend the week with me to work on revamping the business.

I’ll write the week after when I’m in Los Angeles for the mastermind meeting I host with Dave Dee.

I’ll write the week after that when I’ve got emails out the kazoo from being away from my computer for a few days.

No matter what, I’ll write.

Fortunately, I’ve got some things planned that I hope will make it easier:

1.  I’ll begin my REAL Online Business Model series in which I interview people who are really making money with virtual businesses and they share the details of those businesses, including their numbers.  It’ll kick off with Brian Clark (@copyblogger) and I’ve got Dave Navarro (@rockyourday) and Laura Roeder (@lkr) lined up after him.

2.  I am buying a farm (with my ex-husband), so I’ll write about that.

3.  I think I’ll write some about my dad.  And inner conflict.  And the transformation of my company.

4.  And about the intersection of spirituality and business.  I think I’ll write a lot about that.

One way or another, I’ll write.  Please read.  And comment.

  • YES! More Alexis for us to absorb!

    Also lol @ “out the kazoo.” Hip new phrase? Either way, love it!

  • Wow, that's great!! Imagine me here cheering you on! Woot! 🙂

  • lorilatimer

    Very cool idea. When I signed up for Sarah's Robinson's 30 Days to Change Your Game in Jan., I committed to myself that I would post a comment every single day… and I did. It totally changed me.

    So 31 days of inspiration, wit, and motivation from you? Can't wait 🙂



  • EconGrrl

    Happy stretching! I look forward to reading your prodigious posting.